Financial Services

Accounting, Payroll and Tax remittance

We are your best bet

ABTORO Management Services, Inc. believes that every employer should be afforded the time to focus on the core competencies of their business and entities and not unduly on the accounting and payroll taxes issues. We address those issues and problems as a part of our regular service.

We have the proficiency to execute excellent preparation and management of an accounting and payroll systems and processes on a fully outsourced basis for clients. The system enables ABTORO MANAGEMENT SERVICES, Inc. to fully integrate performance status and commensurate remuneration and ensure adequate compensation for all categories of employees as well as effective management of the payroll system in the best interest of employers and employees with appropriate taxes identified; and compute accurately for remittance in line with existing national tax laws and guidelines. 

Our interactions with your digits are optimal. You can count on us to safeguard your numbers.

    What we offer

    We offer comprehensive payroll and tax services to our clients. Our payroll services consist of the following:

    Your Business is Our Business

    We have in place adequate measures to ensure confidentiality of information provided by our clients. For audit purposes, we provide explanations for processes and practices used in calculation of salaries, employer’s taxes, and benefits.

    We also provide Monthly, quarterly, and annual preparation of Financial Statements, Pre-audit services. We are available to represent your organization during external audits and reviews by regulatory bodies.